How to Choose an Assisted Living for Your Elderly Family Member?

How to Choose an Assisted Living for Your Elderly Family Member?

All of us want to choose the best senior care center for our elderly loved ones. However, deciding on the right assisted living center can be quite confusing as there are a number of facilities to select from. It is not easy to identify which one fits your needs. Here are some important tips in selecting the right assisted living for your elderly family member:

Understand what level of care your parent needs and what the assisted living actually offers

Retirement homes generally provide three levels of care. Older adults who need round-the-clock skilled nursing care must choose a nursing home. Nursing home residents get skilled nursing service (24-hours a day, 7-days a week) in an individual room with or without a roommate.

Seniors who are able to perform the activities of daily life (ADL) independently but don’t want to cook or clean themselves can choose independent living. The residents are provided with an individual apartment or condo.

Assisted living is suitable for elderly people who are able to do many things themselves but need help with certain activities such as taking up medication, bathing or cooking. In assisted living, the residents are provided with an apartment or a private room. Assisted living also provides three wholesome meals a day based on the nutritional requirements of the resident. There will be a staff or nursing assistant to check up the residents every day.

Visit the assisted living centers you are considering

Quality and safety are the basic factors to consider when selecting an assisted living facility for your loved one. Make a short list of some good assisted living facilities that suit your requirements. After ensuring that they follow all the rules and regulations set for senior care centers, visit these facilities one by one. Talk directly to the residents, administrators, and care providers so that you can decide which one will be the most suitable assisted living facility for your loved one.

Here are some questions you can ask while talking with the residents:


  • Are you happy and satisfied with what the assisted living facility is providing?
  • Does your facility provide opportunities for new hobbies and interests?
  • Do you have activities and programs where the residents can interact with each other, their family, and their friends?
  • Do you have health and exercise programs to make the residents fit?
  • Ask about the legality of the assisted living facility you consider


Make sure that the assisted living facility is licensed. Check how long how long the facility has been operating and whether its license has ever been revoked in the past. Look through all available financial records. You may also ask for the recent inspection documents for verification. Licensing and inspection documents can tell you if there are any patterns of neglect, medication errors, or other violations.

Find if the facility has all the amenities you expect

Check if there is a monthly event calendar posted. See if there are spiritual services on-site and there are transportation schedules for shopping. Good assisted living facilities provide amenities such as workout facility, computers, printers, crafts room, massage therapy etc. You may also check if the facility is near to a library, beauty salon, mall, movies, and grocery store.

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