The best option for your parents as they age? Home or Assisted living?

The best option for your parents as they age? Home or Assisted living?

At some point in your life, you will need to think and make a decision about the future living arrangements for yourself or your elderly parents. Typically, this means choosing between keep living at current home and moving to a senior care center such as an assisted living community. Which would be better for a senior? There is no general answer to this question because every person and every situation is different.


Basically, no one wants to leave their home and make a permanent move to somewhere else. If your parents are healthy, independent, active, and socially connected, you don’t need to think about moving them to an assisted living community. But things change dramatically as they age. Then you have to make a decision based on the situation.


When assisted living becomes the best option for an elderly?


Getting behind on the routine household chores

Household chores may fall by the wayside when it becomes harder for the elderly to lift or carry things. This increases the risk of falls and associated injuries and creates a dangerous living environment. Clutter, neglected plants and pets, overflowing trash, unwashed laundry, dirty dishes etc. are some signs that may be indicating it’s time to move your loved one into assisted living. You may also look for signs like burnt cookware and car dents. These signs generally indicate confusion or mobility issues.


Neglecting personal care

If your elderly loved one appears disheveled and unkempt on a regular basis, you can consider moving him to an assisted living facility. You may also look for signs of not bathing and wearing the same dress always.


Changes in personality

People normally slow down as they age. However, unusual changes in personality can be dangerous. If seniors exhibit signs of withdrawing from society and giving up their hobbies and social activities, it is better to move them into assisted living.


Memory problems

If your elderly parents forget to take medication on time, lock the doors, or turn off the stove, it’s time to consider moving them into assisted living. One of the major benefits of assisted living is that it focuses on the comfort and personal safety of residents.


Abnormal weight loss or weight gain

Changes in eating habits often result in abnormal weight loss or weight gain. As good nutrition is important for elderly people, you can consider moving them to a good assisted living community.


Decline in overall cognitive function

If you notice signs such as lack of judgment, difficulty following directions or instructions, or need of many prompts and reminders, you must consider moving the elderly into assisted living.


Driving problems

Consider moving your loved one into assisted living if you think they are no longer able to drive safely.


Vulnerability to scams

The elderly in the U.S. are considered to be a vulnerable population. Dishonest people can easily take advantage of them if they are alone at home.

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