The Pitfalls And Concerns to Consider When Choosing Assisted Living

The Pitfalls And Concerns to Consider When Choosing Assisted Living

Choosing an assisted living community for your loved one is a difficult but crucial task. You might have several concerns and questions but you may not be aware of all important factors to consider while choosing an assisted living facility for your elderly parent. If you want to move a loved one into an assisted living center, it is very important for you to understand the major elements to consider. Here we have a list for you:

Mission of the assisted living

A major element that separates one assisted living facility from another one is their mission. You may visit the website of each prospective community to get insights into their approach to elderly care. Then you can realize that some of them will match more closely with your requirements and attitudes than others. You can make a short list of assisted living communities that suit your needs.

Location of the assisted living

Whether you are seeking a community in a calm rural site or one with an urban vibe, location is the key. Of course, proximity to the family also is an important factor. However, don’t forget that quality is more important than distance.

Access to outing locations and entertainment

In general, elderly people enjoy going out to see movies, to eat, and to play Nine Holes. Many of them also enjoy fishing. It is always better to choose a facility that is near to the resident’s desirable destinations. It will help them stay active and improve their social connections.


Many people don’t know that federal or state laws do not require senior care facilities to be accredited. Choosing an accredited community is always a good idea because they always meet or exceed the specified standard of care. You may ask regarding the accreditation process as well as other measures intended to ensuring quality.


Assisted living facilities provide a variety of social and recreational activities. While some of them are basic, others are extensive. Some assisted living centers allow their residents to customize their activities. Some communities have swimming pools and fitness facilities. Learn the activities offered by the assisted living facilities you are considering so that you can determine which one could be the best fit for your elderly parent.

Access to skilled nursing care and rehabilitation

Though the residents entering into an assisted living community do not require skilled nursing care or rehabilitation, these needs are likely to emerge over time. Therefore, it is always better to ask in advance if there is on-campus or off-campus access to nursing care and rehabilitation in order to ensure an ideal living situation.


Apart from regular activities, good assisted living communities conduct campus events for their elderly residents and their families. Sponsoring programs (such as grandparents’ day and Thanksgiving dinner) and allowing the family members also to join the fun help promote pride among the residents.


You may worry that your elderly parent will lose his privacy if he/she has been moved to an assisted living facility. But good assisted living centers are committed to protecting the privacy of their residents. Those who don’t want to spend time in open spaces can stay in their own apartment and even eat their meals there.

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